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Bret’s Journey into Financial Planning

Bret’s Journey into Financial Planning

“More than a job, I view my vocation as a gift allowing me to help people, both team mates and clients.”

From early in my career, I have found greater satisfaction seeing people live their dreams than simply helping them hit financial milestones. 

Core to this is my belief that money is important as the enabler, not the outcome. 

This approach comes from my parents, who were a big influence on me – Mum was empathetic and caring; generous with no expectation of return.  Dad, a Supreme Court Judge, was pragmatic and analytical. 

The combination of this influence – empathetic care and pragmatic analysis – is evident in the team and clients of Ambrose Advisory today.

In Financial Planning, this hasn’t always the case.  My career had an early taste of Planners who were in an industry to sell products and make money for themselves, often at the expense of their clients. Being ‘all about the money’ never felt right – for me I’m the first to admit I would never win a competitive sales pitch.  Rather I am far more interested in taking time to do the right thing, to get to know you and what is important. 

I have refined this approach over 15 years with business partners at edc wealth management. As early clients began achieving their outcomes, I continued to refine a more connected approach and client service, and built the nucleus of my current practice.

In 2016, I founded Ambrose Advisory to take this approach one step further; to become a fully values-based financial planning practice, guiding clients to lead their dreams.

With my wife Cheree and children, Finlay, Elspeth and Wilson, I too am doing my best to lead my own dreams; pursuing greater time freedom over the coming years while focusing on being more mindful and present for my family today.

An ideal week for me would involve quality time in the office guiding and leading my team, and being there for clients, while also taking days on the family farm, a shared inheritance from my Dad that creates opportunities to connect with my brother and extended family.

There are specific dreams for Ambrose Advisory, empowering the Values-Based approach within the team and for the benefit of the community, particularly school kids, to help them put context on their finances and dreams as they move into the workforce. 

More than a job, I view my vocation as a gift allowing me to help people, both team mates and clients.

Like all of us, there is always more … more opportunity to improve and grow the practice, more charitable work, contributing beyond financial guidance and support, more time to help team mates achieve their goals.  More time at the farm for me definitely.  More travel, with and without the kids.  More freedom.

And also less … simplicity; of spirit and meaning, of an uncomplicated and good life. 

Ultimately, there is simplicity at the heart of the belief system I have been gifted by my parents and that I share with Cheree. And it’s this simplicity that I now hope to instil in my children, watching them grow as they develop their own dreams and become the best that they can be.

Today, as a self-funded retiree I am thankful for where I am financially and the expert advice and guidance that Bret and his team still provide me.

In the beginning when Bret started asking me about goals, and drilled down into what was important to me, and how we could overlay a strategy to help get me there, I was like. “Bret, why are you asking me all these questions.” All those questions, the graphs and projections is the magic, not ‘get rich quick schemes’ that we continually hear about.

And it doesn’t end after retirement, each quarter Bret and I meet to review the goals and reset anything that has changed. And in between, if I hear or read about something, or have a concern, I reach out to Bret who is always available to help.

I know that if left on my own, there was a good chance I would have made wrong decisions along the way however with Bret’s guidance I am now living the life I want. I have my own house, I have no debts, and my biggest worry is whether my baggage with my photography gear in it, will arrive when I get to my next destination when I travel, one of the key goals that Bret has helped make possible.

From time to time you do hear terrible stories of people my age who have taken a risk and paid the penalty. I think there is nothing wrong with being inquisitive asking questions when you hear or read about something but asking them of the ‘expert’, someone you truly trust, is the key.

Having reached the ultimate that we all strive for means that right now I have security, peace of mind, and minimal stress. I am in a very comfortable position; I am in control of more than my finances, I am in control of my life.

Thanks Bret

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