Thanks to Bret, I am not a leaf out of control in the river - Ambrose - Values based financial advisory
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Thanks to Bret, I am not a leaf out of control in the river

Thanks to Bret, I am not a leaf out of control in the river

“Without Bret as my financial adviser over the years I would have been like a leaf going down the river, simply following the tide. With Bret I have propulsion, I can go across the river or upstream when needed, I am in control.”

Kevin Sullivan

I first met Bret in the mid 90s when I was working at Qantas, and a friend and work colleague involved in the Qantas Credit Union introduced me. I guess we clicked, and from there Bret became my financial adviser and thank goodness he did.

Today, as a self-funded retiree I am thankful for where I am financially and the expert advice and guidance that Bret and his team still provide me.

In the beginning when Bret started asking me about goals, and drilled down into what was important to me, and how we could overlay a strategy to help get me there, I was like. “Bret, why are you asking me all these questions.” All those questions, the graphs and projections is the magic, not ‘get rich quick schemes’ that we continually hear about.

And it doesn’t end after retirement, each quarter Bret and I meet to review the goals and reset anything that has changed. And in between, if I hear or read about something, or have a concern, I reach out to Bret who is always available to help.

I know that if left on my own, there was a good chance I would have made wrong decisions along the way however with Bret’s guidance I am now living the life I want. I have my own house, I have no debts, and my biggest worry is whether my baggage with my photography gear in it, will arrive when I get to my next destination when I travel, one of the key goals that Bret has helped make possible.

From time to time you do hear terrible stories of people my age who have taken a risk and paid the penalty. I think there is nothing wrong with being inquisitive asking questions when you hear or read about something but asking them of the ‘expert’, someone you truly trust, is the key.

Having reached the ultimate that we all strive for means that right now I have security, peace of mind, and minimal stress. I am in a very comfortable position; I am in control of more than my finances, I am in control of my life.

Thanks Bret