Our Clients - Ambrose - Values based financial advisory
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Who Works Best with Bret?

Our Clients

After 20 years of financial planning, Bret has realised clients whose values align with those of his family benefit the most from the Ambrose Advisory values-based approach.


These are genuine people – individuals, couples or families – who are seeking or pursuing some meaning or purpose from their lives beyond their money. This may be caring for family and friends, a dedication to their work or philanthropy, a love of travel or involvement in the community. They recognise that investments and financial security are a necessary means to a higher end and are not interested in accumulating wealth for its own sake.


They are generally busy people, willing to delegate to those they trust. It can take time to earn their trust, and Bret has built that relationship-investment into his values-based approach.

Most important is the sense of mutual respect between Bret and his clients. Every person’s dreams are different, and the journey Ambrose guides them on builds on best practice while being wholly personalised and unique.


The thought that ‘we all run our own race’ is something that is an ongoing lesson that Bret acknowledges from his clients and family. The truth is life is not really a race. Life is not about how wealthy you are, the car you drive, or where you live.  Consider money like oxygen, we all need it but we only need so much ….the big question is how much do you need?


Proper planning is about what’s important to you beyond wealth; the personal freedom money makes possible.

  • Judy’s Journey

    Judy realised she was overwhelmed: navigating the process of a marriage separation, and suddenly having to independently manage the family finances. A friend at work recommended she speak with Bret Ambrose, and more than ten years later it has proved a most valuable relationship.

    “I have a quiet sense of calm knowing that I am financially secure, that my family will be provided for when I am gone and the only thing I have to worry about is being happy and healthy for the rest of my life."

    I dream therefore I am...

  • Phil and Nanci’s Journey

    Approaching retirement twelve years ago, Phil realised he didn’t have a financial advisor with a long term interest in ensuring his dreams became reality. His existing financial planners came through one of the big banks, which meant every six months the individual would change and there was always a feeling they were more interested in selling product than understanding him as a client. A friend referred him to Bret and Ambrose Advisory.

    “The reward for a lifetime of hard work and sacrifice is the peace of mind in knowing that we have well thought out and comprehensive plans in place for a secure future and the confidence in knowing that the autumn of our lives can be spent in gratitude and in enjoying what the beautiful globe has to offer..."

    I dream therefore I am...

  • Sean’s Journey

    Sean and Bret have known each other since they were schoolmates, though Sean recalls that it was only when his kids came along that he started to seriously consider managing and protecting his income and – one day – his family’s long-term wealth. In almost twenty years working together, Bret’s business approach and Sean’s financial needs have developed together.

    “As with everything worthwhile in life, there is no substitute for planning, preparation and perseverance when it comes to financial planning."

    I dream therefore I am...

  • Ted’s Journey

    As a small business owner, Ted is acutely aware that when you invest in an advisor you weigh the benefits of their advice against the costs involved. Having known Bret for several years and heard positive feedback from others who had worked with him, Ted finally jumped in two years ago … and the results have included several benefits he says he couldn’t have foreseen.

    “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer."

    I dream therefore I am...