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The Presidential Impact

The Presidential Impact

There is a lot of talk, particularly in the news about ‘What if Trump gets in?’ ‘What if he doesn’t?’ ‘Does it really matter?’

All we know for sure is that right now we don’t know what the result will be.  And like everything in the future, just a little more uncertainty to confuse those who might be thinking of investing.  Rather than guess, speculate or do nothing, when it comes to investing and preserving your capital over the long term, the best place to focus is on what you control…your strategy.

Measure your appetite for risk, diversify and know your investment term.  The market’s evidence (since 1926) summarised in the attached article, although not a predictor for the future, may shed some light and context on what the election might mean … possibly a less than adverse effect?  But let’s not rely on that assumption, or let the result of the election spoil your plans, best to ensure you adhere to the strategy that you have set that will help you manage whatever happens.

Presidential Elections and the Stock Market